What the Critics are Saying

“This is an excellent chorus.”

“The National Chorale is one of the most firmly established professional choral groups in the country.”

“The National Chorale’s singing was the glory of the performance.”

“As usual, the professional choir was first-rate, and the orchestra was excellent too.”

“Everywhere on the program, the singing of the chorus, conducted by Martin Josman, was admirable: full-bodied, well-balanced and flexible.”

“Voices are well-matched to one another – now strong and unified, now standing out like glistening strands in a sonic tapestry.”

“In purity of tone, enunciation and technical skill, it would be a hard chorus to beat.”
“An expertly trained ensemble.”

“Performances were invariably on a high level, brash, energetic, lyrical and reflective by turn.”

“A fine performance of the Mass in B Minor of Johan Sebastian Bach presented by the venerable National Chorale at Avery Fisher Hall. Although many assume that this ensemble is based in Washington, D.C., it is a New York institution, mounting high quality choral events at Lincoln Center every year since 1967.”

“The National Chorale demonstrated forcefully that the sacred music of J.S. Bach is not just about sharps and flats.”

“The Chorale is much closer to what most scholars believe was the rather austere sonic experience of the 1740’s. The chorus itself is engineered for this type of athletic expression—the individual sections did a fine job.”

“Music Director Martin Josman solved the orchestration question deftly… and this hand-picked band played splendidly.”
“In another most satisfying choral program, the National Chorale and Orchestra, under Martin Josman, gave an immensely affecting performance of Mozart’s Requiem.”

“There was urgency, there was clarity, there was heart.”

“Josman led a crisp yet intensely moving reading of the Mass in B Minor.”